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The Russian Golgotha

The first volume in a new series

Russian Golgotha A new history series from Monastery Press, The Russian Golgotha (hard-bound illustrated, 536 pages, $30.00 [plus shipping]), tells the story of Russia's new martyrs – men, women, and children slain for their refusal to abandon their Orthodox Christian Faith even under the most severe pressure from Communist authorities in the 20th century. Already a best-seller and highly acclaimed!
Strong In The Grace
metropolitan vitaly's sermons, christian movies, icons

A two DVD set containing lectures given in the years 1996 and 1998 at St. Vladimir's Cathedral, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by Metropolitan Vitaly.
These lectures, entirely in the English language, are full of the warmth and wisdom of a revered and respected hierarch of the Church of Christ. Over sixty years of pastoral work and experience are felt in this unique offering.
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"Is the Grace of God Present
in the Soviet Church?"
moscow patriarchate, christian books, icons

A thought-provoking work that discusses the deeper spiritual reality behind the catastrophic events of the Russian Revolution that still imposes its influence on the Russian Orthodox Church today. A must-read.

$10.00 USD

The Royal Way of the Cross of Our Lord
cross of the christ, christian books, icons

A classic spiritual work for the first time in English
A best seller!
$16.00 USD

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The Royal Hours of Holy Friday

the passion of the christ, orthodox publishers

An extremely convenient, all-in-one booklet containing the entire service ( no abbreviations) for Holy and Great Friday.
For clergy, choir and laity.
8.5" x 5.5" Coil bound, 55 pgs. Illustrations. Lays flat when opened. Designed to last
Newly reprinted for 2004

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$12.00 USD

Venchiki & Absolution Prayer

orthodox funerals and their customs, christian books, icons

The "headband" (venchiki) and prayer of absolution for the reposed.
One set = 10 each
$15.00 USD /set

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Saint Basil's Liturgy

St. Basil's liturgy service book, christian books, icons

The Priest's service book for the Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great

$15.00 USD

New updated Edition
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Paschal Funeral

Pascha, easter funeral service, christian books, icons
$10.00 USD

This service is not found anywhere in English in this all-in-one format. This booklet is for use by clergy, choir, and laity.
Very useful and convenient

Rule of Prayer Against Evil Thoughts

orthodox prayers for suffering souls, christian books, icons
Another Monastery Press exclusive.
A great consolation in one's personal spiritual struggles. Very popular, entering into its third printing
$2.00 USD

Prayer of Saint Ambrose

divine liturgy prayers, christian books, icons

New version third printing

A worthy addition to any priest's rule of prayer.
Highly recommended!
$4.00 USD

popular russian posters, icons, artworkrussian posters, icons, artwork
$20.00 USD

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The Six Psalms
six psalms read during matins in the orthodox church, christian books, icons$4.00 USD

The "Six Psalms" read during the beginning of the Matins service in a handy size with very readable print. Designed to be used by the Reader during Church services.

Greeting Cards (Nativity and Paschal)

pascha; easter cards, christian books, icons

Four Paschal designs
Three nativity designs
Mix and match
$1.50 each. $12.00/set of ten.
With envelopes. In USD.

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christmas cards, christian books, icons