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origins of the present day Moscow Patriarchate

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Is the Grace of God Present in the Soviet Church? by Professor I. M. Andreyev.

A profoundly discerning and timely work that discusses the deeper spiritual reality behind the catastrophic events of the Russian Revolution that still imposes its influence on the Russian Orthodox Church today. Also contains the essay by Professor Andreyev, "Notes on the Catacomb Church." These two essays give a deeper, spiritual perspective to any historical understanding of contemporary issues concerning the Russian Orthodox Church. It also introduces the English reader to the important understanding of "things of the soul" as different from "things of the spirit." This understanding goes far beyond the title of this work and serves as a fundamental benchmark to which all "religious phenomena and movements" are to be examined by today's believers.Professor Andreyev was a confessor of the true Faith, sentenced to Solovki prison camp and a Catacomb Christian, who was present with the Petrograd delegation that went before Metropolitan Sergius to beg him to denounce his collaboration with the Soviet State. His is a voice that speaks without harshness, but with an unshakable integrity borne out of first hand experience and a deep piety.

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