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Venchiki (headbands for the reposed) and Absolution prayers in English

The "Headband" (Venchiki) For the Reposed.

This paper headband or "venchiki" is "placed on the forehead of the deceased in token that the deceased, as a warrior of Christ, contended on earth for the truth and died with the hope of receiving a crown in Heaven." *

"Venchiki" headbands for the reposed in Christ
The prayer of Absolution for the reposed in English and printed in three colours for use in the funeral service.

"The readings from Scripture are followed by the Ectenia of Supplication, which concludes with the "prayer of absolution," in which the Church remits all the departed's transgressions, absolves him from all obligations, all pledges or oaths, and sends him off in peace into life everlasting. In token that the prayers of the Church have weight with God and that what is remitted to the penitent on earth is remitted to them in heaven also, it is customary to place in the departed's hands a paper with this prayer written upon it." *

Orthodox prayer of Absolution for the reposed in Christ
These items are sold in sets.
(one set = ten bands, ten prayers)
for $10.00 USF

* excerpts from "A manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services," reprinted 2001, Jordanville NewYork