Before Thy Cross we bow down O master! The Royal Way of the Cross of our Lord leading to Eternal Life. Saint john of San francisco The book the "Royal Way of the Cross of our lord" represents the culmination of the Christian teaching on "bearing one's cross" i.e. sufferings and misfortunes. it is a very poweful work full of hope and consolation for those who are confused in life's struggles.
235 pages softbound.

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Table of Contents:

Part One
Entry to the Way of the Cross.
The Cross as the True Path to Heaven, which All Should Travel.
Jesus Christ Endured the Cross in All its Forms.
One Should Carry the Cross as Did the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Why is the Cross Necessary to the Christian?
The Lord Bestows the Cross According to Each Person’s Strength.
The Words of Jesus – If Any Man Will Come After Me – Mean That One Should Not Have a Weak, but a Strong Attitude toward the Bearing of the Cross.
Those Who Seek Earthly Blessings Are Deserting the Cross.
Those Who Love Honour Do Not Love God.
The Sinners Have Their Own, Much Heavier Cross.
Self-denial Is the Best Preparation for the Cross.

Part Two
The Cross must Be Taken Up Without Delay.
On the Way of the Cross One Should Not Charge Ahead, but Should Follow Christ.
The Cross Should Be Carried in the Image of the Lord Jesus Christ.
One Should Not Be Sad that the Cross Seems to Be Very Large or Heavy.
The Cross Should Never Be Postponed but Be Carried Every Day.
He Who Carries the Cross Should Not Give Himself Airs and Delight in the Praise of People.
One Should Pray While Under the Cross.
One Should Give Thanks for the Cross.
One Should Give More Thanks in Misfortune than in Good Times, and Not Only to God, but Also to the One Who Bestows the Grief.
One Should Glory in the Cross.
On the Crucifixion of the World.
On the Crucifixion with Christ.

Part Three
The Cross Saves from Downfall and Overcomes Temptations.
The Cross Opens the Eyes and the Mind.
The Cross is the Anchor of Hope, the Sign of Salvation.
The Cross Grants Spiritual Refreshment.
A Crown is Promised to Those Who Bear the Cross.
What Shall Receive a Greater Crown: The Cross and Suffering or Good Deeds?
The Cross Unites One with Christ and Makes the Bearer of the Cross Like Him.
The Cross is a Dependable Protection for Those Sailing on the Sea of Life in the Ship of the Church.
The Cross Raises the Believers to the Mountainous Jerusalem.
The Cross Opens the Gates of the Heavenly Kingdom.

The Inevitability of Suffering by New Martyr John of Riga

Customer Comments

"A must read! I wish our clergy could make it mandatory reading for laymen. I beg people to read this book and to pass it on to a family member!" ( Chicago)
"A very valuable book!" (New Jersey)
"This book has changed my life…"(Virginia)
"Wonderful book!" (California)
"So necessary for Christian struggle!( Boston, Mass)
"I see now my approach to spirituality was wrong…"(Mid-west)