In recent years, much has been said of the "personal opinions" of various Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, often inferring that these "opinions" were something unique and novel, discounting them as having no force or bearing on contemporary Church life.

The purpose of this page is to collect the "personal opinions" not only of these hierarchs but also those of the New Martyrs of Russia and also the Holy Fathers, in order for the informed reader to better gauge and discern if there is any "unity of thought" and a "continuity of confession."

We encourage and invite you to help us in this work by submitting more of these "personal opinions" to be placed here as a source for others in their understanding of contemporary issues. Send all submissions to:

Personal Opinions of the Church Fathers

Personal Opinions of the New Martyrs

Personal Opinions of the Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia