For many years now some of the classic booklets that were produced by the Church Abroad have been out of print. Their importance cannot be taken for granted as a new generation of believers has arisen who have no idea even of their existence and have a great need to understand the legacy of the Russian Church in Exile before it is lost forever.

We here at monastery press had intended to try and reprint as many of these classic works as we could over time. But the fact is we simply do not have the resources or the time availible to do so. Also it is doubtful that the other publishers of our Church will reprint them for the same reasons.

To help offset this vacuum we have decided to make availible scanned files of some of these rare but extremly valuable publications. Bear in mind that they are simply scanned with no attempt at "fixing up" the quailty of the text. They simply are presented here "as is."

As time goes on we hope to have availible several works of timeless interest to the Cburch as a whole.

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"The Basis On Which Economy May Be Used In The Reception Of Converts"
Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky)

This short article originally appeared in the journal "The Christian East" (Vol. VIII, 1927, pp. 60-69) under the title "Why Anglican Clergy could be Recieved in their Orders" and is presented here in a slightly abridged form.

File size: 808 KB

"Pamyatka" the Fiftieth Anniversary Album of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia"

Part one: 5.6 MB
Part Two: 5.8 MB

This is a very rare bi-lingual (English and Russian) volume containing some fascinating articles and sermons, ukases, and photographs... all concerning the life of the Church Abroad. Because of it's size we have broken it into two files. It is well worth the download time! Published in Montreal 1970.

"Some Aspects of Orthodox Spirituality"

A wonderful overview of basic understanding and approach to Orthodox Spirituality. Published in 1958 by Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, New York

File size: 1.2 MB
16 pages PDF

"The Truth About the Russian Church Abroad"

by M. Rodzianko originally printed in1954. Translated and printed in English in 1975 by Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, New York. Probably the most comprehensive account of the formation of the Church Abroad and present day "OCA" availible in any language. At the end a facsimile of a rare ukase has been appended, not found in the original work.

File size: 3.5 MB
48 pages PDF

"Orthodox Christian Education Of Children In Our Days"

by Protopresbyter G. Grabbe originally printed in 1960 by Holy Trinity Monastery, N.Y.

File size: 2.5 MB
30 pages PDF

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